Monday, October 17, 2011

Family (by Ragean)

Family (by Ragean)

Last Saturday evening, my hubby, Charlie, eldest son, Tempe, and I drove the hour out to Lexington to spend the evening with my brother, Tom, and his family.  My youngest son, Dash, was working late and my daughter, Lauren, is in Boston at the moment, so they were unable to join us.  Tom and I live so close to one another, but with such busy lives, we really don’t get to see each other very often.  

I was extremely honored that my beautiful niece, Brenna, and my two gorgeous nephews, Dylan and Macklyn, were there as well.  As I mentioned above, it isn’t often we get to see each other.  Michelle, my amazing sister-in-law made a great meal.  We mostly hung out down in “Flannery’s Pub”, listening to music, watching YouTube videos and chatting.  

What never ceases to amaze me is the way the kids have grown.  Mine are now 25, 27 & 29, and in my mind’s eye, Dylan, Brenna and Mackie are still about 10-14.  Then they walk into the room and I see again how grown up they are becoming, how independent, loving and intelligent they are.  

Being part of a large, loving family is amazing, but at times it can be very difficult.  I haven’t seen Danny, Ginny and Kelly (belonging to the family of my younger brother Tim and his fab wife, Donna) in several years.  I was fortunate enough to see my older brother Greg and his sweet wife Cindy a year or so ago and was able to spend one evening with two of their three sons, Sean (and his beautiful wife, Melody) and Cody (and his amazing love, Cassie.)  Their eldest, Bryan, is living up in Portland with his lovely wife, Lizzie, and the first “great niece” of my life, Jameson.  

Yes, we try to keep tabs on each other, and emails from my mom and Facebook updates do help, but there is nothing like sitting down with them, looking in their eyes and just talking with them!  

One thing that was reinforced Saturday evening is that each of the many members of my extended family is extremely unique unto themselves.  Each has their own, sometimes controversial, opinions and beliefs.  Each has chosen (or is choosing) the path of Life that they are heading toward.  How we can all look so much alike, be so extremely different and yet love each other so much is overwhelming!

I know that the main reason that our family is so close and loving is because of our parents.  My mom taught us all that we were NOT to leave the house or enter the house without a hug and kisses all around.  My kids will still get in very hot water (Dash…) if I catch them trying to leave quickly somewhere without coming to find me for a goodbye hug, kiss and an “I love you.”  

This isn’t really what I would consider a well-thought out blog; but it is a very important reminder to hold those you love close in your hearts and ALWAYS make sure that the last thing you say or do when one you love is hanging up the phone, closing an email or letter, leaving the room, etc., is to tell them how much you love them.  You never know when it will be the last opportunity you have to do so on this Earth and I think you will find that they come back sooner if they know – truly know – just how much you love them!

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Kevin Phillips said...

This is good you all are so close, I get to see pictures of my girls and grand kids on FB keep up the blog
Kevin Phillips